September 8, 2012

R is for...

R is for Re! Or Relaxing Retro Retreat!

Thanks to the prize I won at this year’s D&D, I had a free night’s stay at Hotel Re with dining vouchers to boot so I redeemed it for R.

The plan was to rest and recharge ourselves and that’s just what we did.

Checked in late yesterday after the boy arrived back from KL, had to lie to the kids we were working late because they didn’t want me to leave them alone.

After dumping the bags, we went down to Re!Fill, their lobby restaurant. My vouchers were worth $80 and since breakfast was already included, we used everything up for dinner. I ordered soft shell crab, we had a soup each, mocktails, he had wine, and I had cod for my main and a burger for him.

My lobster bisque was bland but the cod was alright, though a bit dry. He said his burger was not too bad.

Watched the ending of Thor in the room after dinner, the HBO connection was really bad though. We didn’t venture out and slept pretty early.

When we awoke this morning, we had a quick breakfast, the spread had a fair bit of variety despite being compact and then we took a short walk around Pearl’s Hill Park.

I have been wanting to check it out for ages since it’s so near home and we finally got the chance since it was at the hotel doorstep.

My legs were wobbly after climbing some steps to get to the top. There’s a city reservoir that was fenced up, I thought we would be able to walk around it but it’s not like a pond. There was a pond though, poorly maintained and full of algae…couldn’t see the fish through the murkiness.

There was a fitness corner and lots of really tall trees and you could see bits of the city but other than that, nothing much to make me want to come back and visit again.

We checked out after that and did some marketing at Tiong Bahru market before reuniting with the kids.

Mildred had come over with a cake for Mother Mary's birthday and the girls blew out the candles. Then we headed to town with both our mums, ending up at Island Cafe for lunch.

In the evening, fed the kids early and then we went for mass at St Teresa's before heading to Marina Square to jalan and eat.

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