September 1, 2012

Sasha at 29 months

The pumpkin is getting quite friendly, greeting our neighbourhood cleaner with a ‘hello’ and not shying away when meeting strangers. If I ask her to greet someone, she will wave and say ‘hello uncle”.

She’s picked a new trick…pretending to poop. She’ll put a ball up her shorts and clench with her thighs and say “I want to poo-poo, it’s already coming out” and then she releases the ball and laughs her head off!

She loves wrapping her dolls in their blankets, pushing them around in a toy supermarket trolley doubling up as a stroller. Such a little mummy she is, I think she can be quite nurturing. She’s started kissing away her own bruises and mine too. Also, she’s in that phase of trying on my shoes, pretending to be me, carrying my handbags.

I love how I’m number 1 to her now, I’m the one she looks for when she falls or wants to be carried. In fact she wants to be carried all the time now when we go out, realising how much better the view is from up there. We’ve stopped using the stroller for some time since she was walking independently but now she doesn’t want to walk!

We are trying to teach her how to share her toys and not grab things from others. She and Nat are constantly fighting over toys, she has a tendency to scream her head off if she doesn’t get what she wants and doesn’t listen to reason. And she’s stubborn about apologizing or facing the wall.

But recently she’s realised that she can get her way much faster if she asks nicely and has started putting it into practice e.g. “Please Nat-Nat, can I borrow the puzzle/bracelet/ phone etc”. And her sister will willingly share and once she’s done, she’ll return it and say ‘thank you’. She’s started repeating to herself, “I must ask nicely, I cannot grab things.”

I’ve been humming “If we hold on together” as a lullaby for months now and she’s been asking for the lyrics so I finally downloaded the song onto my phone and we’ve been listening every night. It’s her favourite song and she’s slowly learning all the words. Meanwhile Nat’s favourite song at the moment is Flo Rida’s ‘Whistle’.

Nat is constantly getting bullied by Sasha who sometimes pinches her or grabs her toys. Been trying to teach her to fend for herself instead of complaining to me. I keep telling her to just say no to Sasha but she’s not convincing enough when she does it which I think Sasha notices and preys on…rascal!

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