September 17, 2012


Another restaurant/bistro I can check off the list – Saveur!

Had noticed they had relocated to Purvis whilst lunching with Jane and Rena last week and had mentally added them to my list. And when Susan suggested dinner this evening, Joanne had requested French food. We had settled on Brasserie Wolf only to find out they had closed so Saveur was the next option suggested by Joanne, which I seconded!

The restaurant was crowded despite it being 6.30pm, they don’t take reservations and it’s a fast turnaround type of joint.

Adri was late so we ordered some starters first. I had mushroom cappuccino soup and angel hair pasta with prawns while the other two had foie gras. The soup was coffee cup size, a tad bitter maybe because of the types of mushrooms used but it was smooth and creamy and definitely not out of a packet!

The pasta was nice, I asked for my caviar on the side which I gladly passed to Joanne. Adri arrived not that long after us and we ordered our mains. I had the crispy pork belly with poached egg and lentils for my main. The combination worked, the runny egg yolk added to the richness of the dish and for $11, one can’t complain. I also ordered a side of mash potato and it was mmm-mmm good!
Adri and Susan both ordered the duck confit while Jo had a steak. I think generally everyone agreed the food was good but some might find the portions smallish and menu limited. But hey, the prices are really reasonable and the quality good.
Tried a couple of desserts, a pistachio panna cotta and hazelnut mousse type thing. Both were good. It was fun catching up too, thanks for a great evening ladies!

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