September 16, 2012

Singapore Food Trail

Brought the girls to East Coast this morning because Nat wanted to play with the sand. While she built sandcastles with Wendy, I stayed in the shade with Sasha who refused to step on the stuff. Nick managed to persuade her to play ball and she practiced her throwing and kicking. 

We stopped for ice cream to cool down and made fun of Nat who had cut her hair on her own a couple of days ago without anybody noticing. Apparently, she had taken the scissors from my dressing table while I was sleeping…we had only discovered it when Wendy emptied my room dustbin and found hair in it.

Lunch was at the Singapore Flyer, I had been wanting to check out the heritage hawker food trail there…essentially you get hawker food at higher prices! The fried ngoh hiang/bee hoon combo I bought was $11! Daylight robbery! But it was a nice setting, even the cups and crockery were old fashioned and I had me some Green Spot!

The kids got to pretend Daddy was a rickshaw driver and they could feed fish too, that always makes them happy. 

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