September 24, 2012

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Rainbow cakes seem to be trending right now, I don’t know why someone didn’t think of creating them ages ago for they are so pretty!

I had a go myself yesterday, finally deciding to do it after seeing my ex-colleague’s step by step instructions. Basically you just need to make a white cake base, and then divide the batter into 6 descending portions and add the colours accordingly.

The important thing is to pour the batter in the middle of the cake tin, starting with the red and then orange etc, but just keep pouring down the middle to achieve a curved effect.
I used a Joy of Baking white cake recipe, but ended up baking longer than instructed because the middle took ages to cook, which in turn resulted in a dry cake. Next time I think I will just add colour to an instant white cake mix, because the taste is not much different!

But still, it’s a pretty cake and the kids went crazy for it. Even the crumbs are pretty! Must try a log version and see how that ends up! After London off tonight for marketing training and team building!

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