October 28, 2012

Marie is 1!

Mark and Grace celebrated Marie’s first birthday today at the Singapore Poly Staff Centre. There is a restaurant called Food Haven there that serves a lunch buffet, looked quite old school, the kind Mildred might enjoy!

We didn’t know anybody there, all the others like the Lees, Nathans and Gomezs had attended a different party last week while we were at Ray’s one.

The food was not too bad, not sure what their prices are like. Mark’s brother shot souvenir photos for guests to takeaway, nice to have a professional photographer in the family!

Halfway through our meal, a couple with two young kids joined us. They seemed nice enough, we chatted for a bit, the hubbies exchanging corporate travel stories. Their kids were 5 and 7, and they were only just going on their first couple getaway post-children for the first time in 7 years! I don’t think I could hold out that long!

One of Mark’s cousin’s looked familiar then I realised he had been to our office to quote on a project earlier this year. Small world!

Had a quiet evening at home, I made ribs and mashed potato. Ok, the ribs were not my creation, all I did was dump them in the oven. They came pre-marinated from Foodie Market Place, so cheap about $5 a slab and for $10 I fed 3 adults! 

October 27, 2012

The great outdoors

I bought a Groupon voucher for outdoor photography shoot a while ago and had to reschedule twice because of mine and Nick’s travels but finally redeemed it today.

It only cost $12 for 5 edited shots and 90mins so I figured I had nothing much to lose, plus to get all the raw footage was another $68 so a heck of a lot cheaper than using a studio and paying outdoor location fee.

Our meeting point was Hort Park, but unfortunately most of the playground was barricaded for renovations. Still plenty of background options and we were assigned a photographer named Wendy, from one of the many freelancers gathered.

Everyone had different cameras and Wendy’s looked pretty simple, no fancy extra lenses or anything and I think they do a lot of post-processing so I’m a bit apprehensive about how the photos will turn out.

Nat was a bit more co-operative in posing, while it was hard to get Sasha to look at the lens. The hot sunny weather didn’t help either, and after 5 mins the kids were melting, so was Nick!
We took numerous breaks, and changed the kids’ outfits a couple of times. I can’t wait to receive the final shots!

After the session ended, we went to check out the butterfly atrium, only open every last Saturday of the month. Didn’t see the big butterflies we spotted last time but managed to get a couple of close-ups.
On our way out, we saw a praying mantis…looks like an alien doesn’t it?
We also came across a bridal fashion shoot, which got Nat all excited. She’s so into weddings and brides!
Lunch was at City Hall, then back home, Sasha loosened up for my camera and we both cam-whored after her nap.

When Nick brought Nat back from Chinese class, he had a treat for me. A box of apom berkuah from Glory…it’s been ages! Apparently Kevin spotted it and thought of me, how sweet. They stopped selling for quite a while, I’m glad it’s back! 

October 26, 2012

Picnic by the beach

Today was the start of a long weekend thanks to Hari Raya Haji and we decided to spend the morning at the beach with some of the cousins. A picnic was organised quite impromptuly, most of it McDonalds takeaway but I made an effort to bring a homemade potato salad.
Got there about 10 am and it was a really hot day. I stayed in the shade with Sasha while Nat and Nick soaked up the sun. Riley and Ananya enjoyed themselves, swimming and getting buried in the sand.

But it was just too darn hot, and the adults jumped at my suggestion to lunch at the airport. Made a reservation at T2’s Swensens en route there and it was mostly pleasant, except for when Nick used the ‘F’ word while checking on the kids’ meals for the umpteenth time!

After lunch, the kids went to the viewing gallery where they proceeded to act like monkeys! Nat burst into tears when I said it was time to go home, she was having too much fun to leave but Sasha had to nap. 
They both dozed off in the car but unfortunately woke up when we reached home and refused to go back to sleep despite my efforts so Sasha’s battery ran out quite early in the evening.

We had gone to Rena’s place for a swim with Jo and Ray and Rena and co. Sasha had been asking to go for a while so she was very happy to be back in the pool. Jane and Albert popped by for a short while, bringing the reclusive Aidan whom we hadn’t seen since birth! 
He has such chubby cheeks, you just wanna pinch them. He didn’t cry when we took turns carrying him, apparently he doesn’t get out much except to his grandma’s…poor boy!

Dinner was tapau-ed chicken rice and after dinner, Rena helped take Polaroids of the kids and they each got to take home a souvenir!

Catch up with Caren

The boy was free for lunch and picked me up and we had a bite at Tiong Bahru market. Tried a bowl of chicken macaroni, it came loaded with ingredients including prawns and tasted quite homemade, I like! A tad salty though.
This evening I met up with an old colleague from SingTel, Caren. I had added my colleague Cheryl/her cousin on FB and that’s how we found out about the connection so the 3 of us had dinner this evening to catch up. She’s still the same!
Supposed to dine at Marche but the queue was way too long, we eventually settled on Kuriya Penthouse at Orchard Central and I had a kushiyaki set….yum.
After dinner, we shared dessert and had a drink each at Oriole Café and chatted a while more. Both these women are still single, where are all the single men hanging out?

October 23, 2012

Shopaholic binge

Met JGR for lunch at Jai Thai, Purvis Street today. was in a Thai mood after my cough of the last couple of months seems to have abated and we had a trip to discuss!

What good value for money their sets are. For $8.80, I had pineapple rice with pandan chicken, green curry, spring roll, deep fried fish with chilli sauce plus a drink and small dessert.
We added on a mango salad, tom yam soup and some prawn cakes and there wasn’t a bad dish on the table. Everything was nice! Am so bringing Mummy!

I’ve been very naughty of late, splurged on several dresses over the last week and there was a Shopbop sale I couldn’t resist.

Bought a DVF Zarita dress and some Tory Burch flats, which arrived today. I also bought 3 lace dresses from Forever 21 and 4 dresses on eBay…can’t wait for everything to arrive! Think it was pent up energy for the lack of purchases in London, LOL!

I’ve put on some serious weight though in the past couple of months, time to eat salads and yong tau fu…need to shed 3kg at least!

1) Tory Burch Reva Nappa Flats at US$158. Fits me but need to season them so they expand a little. Not as comfy as I hoped, think it will cause blisters in some places. 
2) DVF Zarita Dress at US$260. Retail here is $510, couldn’t decide on black or navy, went with classic black. 
3) F21 Lace Dress at S$45. Loved it so much, I bought 2 different colours. The white is a little bridal but I have a 10th anniversary coming up!

4) F21 Lace Dress at S$25, loved the colour but will have to ‘suck it in’!
5) Donna Morgan one-shoulder colour block dress at US$58…loved the colour combi.
6) Studio by London Times Stretch Shift Dress at US$19.99…it was cheap, ‘nuff said. 
7) Red ¾ sleeve dress at US$15…again, it was cheap!
8) Herve Leger ombre dress at GBP 91. A bit too good to be true at this price, not sure if authentic, I highly doubt it but we’ll see. 
9) Michael Kors Webster clutch at US$78…been looking for a black clutch!

October 21, 2012

Jai Ho!

A chilled Sunday, mass in the morning followed by lunch at Raffles City where Nick wanted to buy a suit. Kids napped in the afternoon and then we went to Thomson Medical to meet the latest addition to the Upper Whatsappers (that’s our WhatsApp group name!).
Ajen and Vim welcomed their son Jai yesterday morning via c-sect and he’s a beauty. When we went to the suite, Vim was glowing and looked so relaxed and she told us we could find Ajen and Diya at the Delifrance and we joined them for a bite. Sasha and Diya had their own conversation going on and then we all went back up to the room.
The bub was in the nursery and we saw him through the glass. I think he smiled at us! Nat and Sasha love babies and cooed at him.

We spent some time in the suite, Nick entertained the 3 kids with his phone, Times like these make me broody and harbour thoughts of no.3 but thankfully they are fleeting thoughts!

October 20, 2012

Rayhan is 3!

October is a busy month for birthdays! Today Vim delivered baby Jai and it was also Rayhan’s 3rd birthday. To celebrate, Joanne organised a dinosaur-themed party at her aunt’s condo function room in AMK.

Sasha hammed it up for the camera before we left home and the sky looked ominous as we were approaching. It started pouring just as we arrived, there was an orange and green theme going on. Us Lim chicks wore green while Nick already happened to be wearing an orange tee from the lunch we had with Mildred and her friend. 
There was a colouring station set up where the little ones could colour pictures of dinosaurs. Germaine’s friend Jo-Anne was also there, and she had the best coloured picture in my opinion!
There were the usual games like musical chairs and statue dance, which Sasha tied for first place with Ray. Unlike her sister, she made an effort to participate with some assistance from Nick and got into the hang of whacking the piñata.

The cake was from Aunty Yochana, whom I used for Nat’s Abby cake and there were dinosaur cookie favours. I had extra dessert in the form of my brownies which I brought for JGR and Jo to try and the whole container finished pretty fast.

Nat fell asleep on the way home and Sasha slept relatively early too so me and Nick decided to have a drink at Parco Caffe. They closed at 10.30pm so we had just about enough time to have a glass of wine each but neither of us enjoyed our choices…they should sell Moscato d’Asti by the glass!