October 6, 2012

Busy, busy Saturday

Brought the kids to a new playground this morning, just a regular HDB one in Strathmore estate. Swana had recalled passing by some non-standard playground equipment near the Alexandra Canal and suggested we check it out.
Kaelash and co joined us, but it was just too darned hot. The park in question was not shaded at all and the sun was hitting its noon peak. So we sought respite at a regular playground that was somewhat shaded by all the surrounding blocks.

The kids had a ball sliding, climbing and playing catching. A pair of brothers asked to join in, they were so polite and well-behaved. Their mother came by later with their younger brother and we found out there were 5 kids in total. Hats off to her man!
Lunch was at Tanglin Mall foodcourt, Nick joined us after his football session. Since I was alone with my 2 bubs, Nat cut me some slack by feeding herself while I focused on Sasha, I think I could handle them alone on my own if we go out. I think.

We left first because I had a baking class to get to. Another Groupon thing, this time for fondant cupcakes. I didn’t really know what to expect but it was not quite what I had in mind in terms of a hands on baking class.

For starters, the place was tiny, the size of a HDB living room. We were grouped 4 to a table to share equipment and ingredients, making 24 cupcakes between us. The cupcakes didn’t even taste that nice and the trainer was very ‘aunty’.
Out of the 6 cupcakes allotted, there was only enough fondant distributed to decorate 3, on the pretext that we needed to try the plain cupcakes so we could adjust the recipe according to our taste…which I think was a ploy to stinge on ingredients!

The fondant was out of a box and I didn’t learn to sculpt anything, we were just given lots of moulds and dyes to play around with, something I could have done at home. I wasn’t in a creative mood, just made butterflies out of my fondant. Well, at least I had a feel of working with fondant so next time I’m in a baking shop, I might just buy some.
Dinner was at AMK, we’ve shifted from Sundays to Saturdays because it’s livelier with the other aunts around. Sasha and Nat have warmed up to Uncle Henry and Aunty Susan, greeting them like old friends. Lita did Sasha’s hair really nicely today.
Kids are asleep, it’s Saturday night…am off on our ‘S’ date!

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