October 13, 2012

Crispy korrokes

Ben had mentioned he was making Japanese curry for the family dinner so I offered to bring dessert and korroke/Japanese croquettes to accompany his dish.

In the morning, while Nick brought Sasha to the doctor (he was concerned about her new bout of the sniffles) I made a yellow jelly using golden kiwis we had in the fridge and an instant mix.
Before heading to AMK, I started work on the korroke. They are so easy!

Boil and mash some potatoes, season with salt and pepper and set aside. Stir fry some minced beef and chopped onions, season with salt and pepper and cook till beef is brown. Mix the two together and form into patties.
Coat in flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs before frying till brown, and voila, a croquette nicer than those sold at Taka’s Food Hall or MOS! 

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