October 5, 2012

Diversity in abilities

I’ve been so jet-lagged, but doesn’t feel as bad as post-Holland though I get really sleepy mid-morning. Been a quiet few days since getting back.

On Tuesday, a few of us had dinner at Sabaidee Kitchen along Kampung Bahru Road. It’s not related to the Thai restaurant we used to go to in Tiong Bahru and every time I pass by, the place looks really quiet.

But Sham bought a Groupon voucher that expired this week for their steamboat buffet dinner so we had to use it up. I was late in getting there and arrived just as Nick and Swana were about to walk my kids back…Nick didn’t like the place and didn’t want the kids to hang around so he decided to forego dinner.

I walked him back with the girls and then walked back to the restaurant where Swana, Sham, Ma and Kevin was just about to start tucking in. There was only 1 waitress who seemed a little frazzled because they were quite full of Groupon customers but credit to her for keeping her cool.

The steamboat was interesting in that it combines grill and soup and the heat is supplied by charcoal at the rounded top of the pot. Pork fat was used to grease the metal and when they were cooked, I couldn’t help sinking my teeth into the lardy bits.
Aside from the service and the ambiance (or lack thereof) the food wasn’t actually too bad. What it lacked in variety, it made up for with freshness, though quite a fair bit was thawed from frozen. Still, I would hesitate to go there again, I think there are lots of cheaper, better Thai alternatives out there.
Yesterday. Germaine gave us tickets to a special performance she helped produce for UBS’ anniversary called “Diversity in abilities”. There was a play/musical called “Endeavour” at Jubilee Hall featuring kids with disabilities as well as an art exhibition. Jo and Rayhan came by too.
The special kids looked like they had a ball preparing and performing and it was a great effort by them, some of them were really cute and it was heartwarming to see them explore their artistic side, something they would have very little opportunity to do given their disabilities. So, good job Germaine for giving them a platform!
On the way home, we drove past the lantern display in Chinatown…nice balls but a bit dull the light.
Met Joanne and Ray again this evening at a NATAS bowling tournament at Mount Faber Safra. Brought the kids after dinner and the Travel Corporation team had a good turnout of supporters and seemed to be doing well.
Sasha was hi-fiving some of the players, including those from Dynasty Travel who played next to Travel Corp. Nat took a while to warm up but by the time we left, they had charmed all the aunties and uncles, along with Ray!

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