October 21, 2012

Jai Ho!

A chilled Sunday, mass in the morning followed by lunch at Raffles City where Nick wanted to buy a suit. Kids napped in the afternoon and then we went to Thomson Medical to meet the latest addition to the Upper Whatsappers (that’s our WhatsApp group name!).
Ajen and Vim welcomed their son Jai yesterday morning via c-sect and he’s a beauty. When we went to the suite, Vim was glowing and looked so relaxed and she told us we could find Ajen and Diya at the Delifrance and we joined them for a bite. Sasha and Diya had their own conversation going on and then we all went back up to the room.
The bub was in the nursery and we saw him through the glass. I think he smiled at us! Nat and Sasha love babies and cooed at him.

We spent some time in the suite, Nick entertained the 3 kids with his phone, Times like these make me broody and harbour thoughts of no.3 but thankfully they are fleeting thoughts!

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