October 9, 2012

Jean & Mervin come to town

It’s that time of the year when Restaurant Week rolls around and I made plans to have 4 meals at various outlets. Today me and 3 other colleagues went to Icon Village to check out Salta Argentine Parilla during lunch. It has a casual vibe because of its open concept, the interior was very dark but still felt homey.

All of us ordered the same thing! The starter choice was between an octopus salad or tomato soup with asparagus and we all opted for the soup. They served us loaves of sun-dried tomato bread and it went well with the light soup, garnished with a spear of asparagus.
For the main, the choice was cod or steak and we all wanted to try the steak, because that would be their speciality. We had them at varying degrees of doneness, I enjoyed my well done one. Beef was nicely flavoured with salt and black pepper and was tender.
Dessert was pretty average, a slice of layered chocolate cake with some ice cream. I was stuffed by the end of the meal. Their menu was priced at $25 so it was a good deal I think for the quality of the steak etc. I think my boy might appreciate this place, we can come any time since they are so near home.

After work, Nick, me and the kids made our way to Pasir Ris for dinner at Adrienne’s. Jean and Mervin were in town and the Pereiras were hosting them.

Nat fell asleep on the way but woke up once we reached the house, so at least she had a powernap. It was good to see everyone, I was worried the girls would cling to me but they warmed up after a while and made themselves comfortable exploring the house. Adrienne has so many ornaments and thankfully my girls didn’t touch them!
Nat later told me she liked the house and Sasha made friends with Adrian who kindly entertained her. She was at first fine with Dolce the chihuahua but changed her mind once it got too close and poor Dolce had to spend the rest of the evening in a room.
Dinner was curry devil, pork chops, and shredded mango…yum. I could eat a whole bowl of those green mangoes!
I wished I could have stayed longer, but it was a weekday and the girls needed to sleep. It was a lovely evening and one of these days, I am going to drag the boy to NZ and visit Jean and co. I really want to see the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve! And we need to transit in NZ to get to Bora Bora!

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