October 28, 2012

Marie is 1!

Mark and Grace celebrated Marie’s first birthday today at the Singapore Poly Staff Centre. There is a restaurant called Food Haven there that serves a lunch buffet, looked quite old school, the kind Mildred might enjoy!

We didn’t know anybody there, all the others like the Lees, Nathans and Gomezs had attended a different party last week while we were at Ray’s one.

The food was not too bad, not sure what their prices are like. Mark’s brother shot souvenir photos for guests to takeaway, nice to have a professional photographer in the family!

Halfway through our meal, a couple with two young kids joined us. They seemed nice enough, we chatted for a bit, the hubbies exchanging corporate travel stories. Their kids were 5 and 7, and they were only just going on their first couple getaway post-children for the first time in 7 years! I don’t think I could hold out that long!

One of Mark’s cousin’s looked familiar then I realised he had been to our office to quote on a project earlier this year. Small world!

Had a quiet evening at home, I made ribs and mashed potato. Ok, the ribs were not my creation, all I did was dump them in the oven. They came pre-marinated from Foodie Market Place, so cheap about $5 a slab and for $10 I fed 3 adults! 

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