October 8, 2012

Mitra's stopover

Aunty Sarda had a couple of special visitors today. 
Mitra and Sabrina are in the region attending a series of meetings, well, he’s attending meetings and she gets to tag along thanks to him chalking up lots of spouse points in his company, which he can use towards her travel. They get the VIP treatment everywhere because of his senior position in the World Bank…nice!

They were only in Singapore for a day and made it a priority to visit Aunty Sarda. Aunty Susie and Pops came by too and we had a feast. I bought satay, Ma made buah keluak which Mitra had been craving.

Aunty Sabrina brought beanie dogs for each of the girls, so sweet.
Am glad they got to see Aunty Sarda, I think she’s starting to wind down. Sleeping more, less active and if the symptom guideline is to be believed, then she’s probably got only weeks or up to 2 months left. I hope we get to celebrate Deepavali with her one more time.

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