October 19, 2012

Nat's first school concert

I was a proud mama this evening as Nat successfully performed in her first school concert. Themed ‘Happy Feet” the event was held at the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge and had the Outram K2 class graduation as the main highlight.

It wouldn’t have surprised me if Nat chose to chicken out, but she seemed in her element on stage and didn’t display any nerves at all.

She’s been practicing at home and they had a full dress rehearsal earlier on Tuesday with the school so I think that helped a lot. That was also when she got to wear make-up for the first time ever, something she was quite chuffed about.
While the kids hung out with their classmates and waited for the performances to start, me, Ma, Swana, Nick and Sasha had a quick bite to eat with the F&B provided as part of the ticket cost. We paid $20 per adult and another $35 for the costumes…these things don’t come cheap!
There was a photo display corner where we could order pictures of the kids taken at rehearsals and we bought a bunch. 

It was free seating inside the function room and while they stated no photography or videography since there was an appointed vendor, the parents didn’t care and whipped out their phones and cameras the moment their kids appeared.
The whole event was quite informal. The K2 kids did their graduation thing first, then performances by the various classes from the youngest to the oldest. Nat and Gigi’s performance was in the middle and they did their routine to the tune of a Chinese song about a dragonfly.
They stood at the back, Nat looked so graceful in her costume and when the song ended and her classmates had left the stage, my little diva continued posing on stage for a few more seconds before realising she was the last one left, which made the audience laugh!
The kids were on a high after the finale and zinged around calling out to their friends and teachers in the foyer…I didn’t know they had older friends!

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