October 26, 2012

Picnic by the beach

Today was the start of a long weekend thanks to Hari Raya Haji and we decided to spend the morning at the beach with some of the cousins. A picnic was organised quite impromptuly, most of it McDonalds takeaway but I made an effort to bring a homemade potato salad.
Got there about 10 am and it was a really hot day. I stayed in the shade with Sasha while Nat and Nick soaked up the sun. Riley and Ananya enjoyed themselves, swimming and getting buried in the sand.

But it was just too darn hot, and the adults jumped at my suggestion to lunch at the airport. Made a reservation at T2’s Swensens en route there and it was mostly pleasant, except for when Nick used the ‘F’ word while checking on the kids’ meals for the umpteenth time!

After lunch, the kids went to the viewing gallery where they proceeded to act like monkeys! Nat burst into tears when I said it was time to go home, she was having too much fun to leave but Sasha had to nap. 
They both dozed off in the car but unfortunately woke up when we reached home and refused to go back to sleep despite my efforts so Sasha’s battery ran out quite early in the evening.

We had gone to Rena’s place for a swim with Jo and Ray and Rena and co. Sasha had been asking to go for a while so she was very happy to be back in the pool. Jane and Albert popped by for a short while, bringing the reclusive Aidan whom we hadn’t seen since birth! 
He has such chubby cheeks, you just wanna pinch them. He didn’t cry when we took turns carrying him, apparently he doesn’t get out much except to his grandma’s…poor boy!

Dinner was tapau-ed chicken rice and after dinner, Rena helped take Polaroids of the kids and they each got to take home a souvenir!

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