October 20, 2012

Rayhan is 3!

October is a busy month for birthdays! Today Vim delivered baby Jai and it was also Rayhan’s 3rd birthday. To celebrate, Joanne organised a dinosaur-themed party at her aunt’s condo function room in AMK.

Sasha hammed it up for the camera before we left home and the sky looked ominous as we were approaching. It started pouring just as we arrived, there was an orange and green theme going on. Us Lim chicks wore green while Nick already happened to be wearing an orange tee from the lunch we had with Mildred and her friend. 
There was a colouring station set up where the little ones could colour pictures of dinosaurs. Germaine’s friend Jo-Anne was also there, and she had the best coloured picture in my opinion!
There were the usual games like musical chairs and statue dance, which Sasha tied for first place with Ray. Unlike her sister, she made an effort to participate with some assistance from Nick and got into the hang of whacking the piñata.

The cake was from Aunty Yochana, whom I used for Nat’s Abby cake and there were dinosaur cookie favours. I had extra dessert in the form of my brownies which I brought for JGR and Jo to try and the whole container finished pretty fast.

Nat fell asleep on the way home and Sasha slept relatively early too so me and Nick decided to have a drink at Parco Caffe. They closed at 10.30pm so we had just about enough time to have a glass of wine each but neither of us enjoyed our choices…they should sell Moscato d’Asti by the glass!

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