October 7, 2012

S is for...

...Saturday Night Supper.

The kids slept really early last night and I was in a mood to go out. I had wanted to do something non-food related for S, like the Singapore Flyer or Sentosa or soccer even, but since I was peckish, I caved and deemed it ‘S’ for supper and dragged the boy out. The fact that it was a Saturday night is of no significance.

We went to check out the new Timbre at Alexandra Village, Swana and Kevin arrived just before us and were having their drinks with John.

Having newly opened, the place wasn’t very crowded which was great, we could enjoy the music and it wasn’t too noisy. Swana ordered a Philly Cheesesteak pizza and I don’t know if it was because I was hungry or what, but the pizza tasted really, really good. Full of toppings, it was cheesy and crispy.
John had bottles of vodka open, so I didn’t have to order a drink and tapped into his loot. Both the owners Danny and Edward were around, it’s been ages since we saw them and we reminisced about the good old’ days when we frequented Timbre often and Nick played football with them, before the kids took over our lives!
Edward shared his productivity measures in light of the shortage of labour in the service industry, he’s invested in new equipment and outsourced some functions, that’s why he claims the pizzas are better now and more consistent at all the outlets.

He’s also in the midst of planning his wedding, John is helping out and we got to meet his fiancĂ© as well. If all goes well, they could be on a Trafalgar tour for their honeymoon!

We didn’t stay out too late, the place closes early because they are still testing the nearby residents’ threshold for noise. Nice place to chill, will be back!

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