October 1, 2012

Sasha at 30 months

In the short space of 4 months, Sasha has gone from being anxious with strangers to Miss Congeniality! She greets everyone she sees now and doesn’t seem to be afraid of aunties and uncles we see less frequently.
She psyches herself up when we are meeting new people, she will tell herself “I’m not scared, the aunties and uncles are my friends.” So bravo to her for overcoming her fears because she could even participate in the party games at Gigi’s party while her sister skipped on all that.

She has the cutest squirrel walk, modelled on the critter from Ice Age. She will tip toe and wriggle her hands below her chin with a smirk on her face.
She peppers every other sentence with ‘You know’ or ‘right’ e.g. “You know yesterday we went to the zoo, right?’ or “You know the aunty came to the house and I wasn’t afraid, right?’

Lugging her around is getting challenging, she’s 14+ kg already. She likes to assert her independence in lots of ways but when it comes to going out and walking, she likes to retreat into somebody’s arms.

She’s still prone to bullying Nat. One moment the big one will be running away from her and crying after Sasha grabs something of hers, the next they will be kissing and hugging. Nick and Ma are of the opinion now that we should just buy 3 of everything every time so the kids don’t fight but I would much rather they learn to share.

She’s starting to joke around, jumbling up words on purpose and then laughing out loud because she knows they aren’t correct.

Sometimes when she asks for milk in the middle of the night, she doesn’t go back to sleep immediately and wants to have a conversation at 3am in the morning! I don’t know where she gets her energy from!
I feel like I ought to be sending her for Chinese lessons, she absorbs everything like a sponge at this age and has learnt a number of songs through Nat and Gigi and shows an interest in learning new Chinese words but I guess I’ll wait till she’s 3.

Nat is just getting vainer by the day. Mildred bought her toy high heels and she walks around the house in them all the time, carrying her handbag of cosmetics like a real little young lady.
She gives off supermodel poses for the camera, ever ready to put her hands on her hips and tilt her head. Last month she cut her own hair after tiptoeing and finding the scissors on my dressing table and she’s so scared of her own sister, running behind my skirts whenever Sasha shows any aggression towards her.

Her drawing has improved a lot, I can now make out flowers and butterflies. Her handwriting is a bit more even as compared to Gigi who’s not interested yet in writing neatly but Gigi is a lot better at simple sums and maths. She gets that from Kevin! 

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