October 14, 2012

Sasha Scare

Just got back from KKH…Sasha gave us such a scare this evening while we were hanging at Membina. One minute she was in the living room, the next minute we heard a loud thud from Swana’s room.

We all rushed and Nick found her lying on the platform motionless. Apparently she had been jumping on the bed and fell, landing on her chest. He carried her and called out a few times, “Sasha wake up, Sasha wake up” but she was limp in his arms and motionless.

It was only a few seconds that she was blacked out but felt like an eternity…I was asking Swana to call an ambulance and Nick was saying her arm looked awkward when she started to wail. Phew, crying was a good sign!

We rushed to KK nonetheless to get her checked out, Nick was like a headless chicken, never seen him so panicked before. She was quiet on the way to the hospital but once there, she starting walking about. Had to wait about 20-30 mins to get to the triage, but thereafter our consultation was expedited because of her loss of consciousness.
We were in and out in about 2 hours, during which time she took a chest x-ray. So brave, she cooperated in taking off her shirt and standing still with her arms outstretched and then once it was over, she asked me to take my top off for my turn!

The x-ray turned out clear but the doctor advised to keep her overnight for observation which we decided against since she was back to her normal active self and we felt we could observe from home. I think she should be ok. I think.

Earlier in the day, I was in a culinary mood and prepared lunch while Nick took Nat out to mass and Vivo.

I’d been meaning to recreate the mustard soup we tried in Holland and today was THE day. Followed the recipe but didn’t have leeks and substituted them with onions.

Didn’t quite taste the same as what we had, the soup was thick and I think leeks would have been better. The end result was quite salty because instead of being patient and letting the bacon impart its salt, I had added some extra chicken stock cube at the end just after adding the bacon because I felt it was tasteless. Duh!
Had some frozen puff pastry and was inspired to make an open tart after watching Barefoot Contessa a few days ago and also since I had some cheese expiring soon.

I rolled out the pastry and topped it like a pizza with sliced tomatoes, zucchinis and bacon and added lots of bacon and grated cheddar. Baked it at 180°C for 45 mins
I think it was have been better to cook the zucchinis and tomatoes beforehand and strain them before assembling to prevent a soggy base, since these veggies release water when cooked. But overall, quite pleased with the result, but again, quite salty from the bacon…think next time cannot buy bacon from NTUC, even when desperate! The pastry on its own was also very oily, must experiment with other brands.

In the afternoon, Swana came over with Gigi, and Nat and Gigi helped me to make chocolate chip and macadamia cookies and some with mini M&Ms. Followed a recipe I found online on Quest for Delish, except I added the nuts/M&Ms.

And instead of 1 large egg, I used 2 medium ones…which I think I should have used 1.5 instead as my dough was a little runny. Also I think can afford to reduce the sugar a little, the chocolate chips already add sweetness. And note to self – M&Ms will melt!
I didn’t have the patience to chill my dough for 24 hours, and made some immediately, and another batch with an hour of chilling. The chilled result is definitely better!

Aside from being a tad too sweet, these cookies were great, taste a lot like Famous Amos ones. I’m hooked!

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