October 7, 2012

To ToTT's

Nick wasn’t satisfied with his football session yesterday, so he went again today! Me and the girls were bored at home so I decided it was an opportune time to visit ToTT, the kitchen equipment store in Bukit Timah that I have been wanting to check out for the longest time.

We took a long bus ride, 961 which the girls were thrilled about and behaved themselves on the bus. Didn’t really have to entertain them, they were busy looking out the window.

Took us about 40 mins to get there, the weather was threatening to pour and it did, just as we reached the store. I was so engrossed with the displays, I didn’t really have much in mind to buy except for some measuring cups, ice cream scoop and mixing bowls but I ended up spending almost $100!

The kids cajoled me into buying a set of ice lolly moulds. I found my small ice cream scoop, so now I can have even-sized cookies, should I ever bake them! Bought some ground almonds so I can attempt macaroons again.

We ate lunch at their cafeteria, the food was not too bad and reasonably priced. Nick joined us midway and brought us home.

I had bought a Madeleine baking tray as well, so that’s what I made upon reaching home. Followed a Julia Child recipe but I think because it was a dark non-stick tray, I should have reduced the baking time by a minute or two.
Still the results were pretty, and they tasted good while warm. I have to make them more often and try other recipes, else my tray will become a white elephant!

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