November 22, 2012

A toast to No.3

Had dinner at Equinox this evening - a celebration of sorts. This morning we went to visit my gynae at his new digs in Gleneagles and confirmed there was indeed a bun in the oven and we are around the 7 week mark. The discovery was made on 11 Nov, which you can read here. Life as we know it, is about to change!

Sometime ago, Jane had given us a Feed @ Raffles promotional coupon giving 2 diners 50% off the food bill so we used it up at Equinox. I requested a window seat, and for that, there is an extra charge of $20. But it was worth it for the city view, and we had a pre-dinner drink each.
The boy ordered lobster bisque to start with, while I had grilled scallops. While they were generous with the serving of 6 pieces, the scallops themselves were overcooked and rubbery. He didn’t finish his soup, saying it was salty but I think it was just a matter of the broth being too concentrated.
He had a steak main, and I had Boston lobster which I struggled to finish. The flavours were just too strong for my liking with my current taste buds. We skipped dessert because we were full.
It was relatively early when we got back to Membina and broke the news to the kids and family. Mummy’s reaction was classic, she rolled her eyes and walked out of Swana’s room in a huff! The kids themselves didn’t seem very excited, I don’t think it will sink in till they see me getting fat.

Swana declared she wanted to ‘kill me’, think she was planning no.2 herself and we’d have to share mummy. Well, in my defence, this was not planned at all and took us by surprise. I was nicely planning our 10th anniversary celebrations and a trip to Europe in July to commemorate it but looks like those plans have to change because I’m due 10 July! There goes Provence!

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