November 11, 2012

Baby Lim #3

Oh boy, here we go again! What have we done??? It appears I have a bun in the oven yet again! I had a sneaking suspicion the prolonged lack of taste when I ate over the last week wasn’t really due to a cold, that plus the fact that my period was late and I was feeling very tired.

Was gonna wait till Wednesday to see if anything changed but I had a spare test kit sitting in a cupboard so while Nick was out this afternoon, I took the plunge and peed on a stick and what do you know? Positive! 
I broke the news to him as soon as he got home, greeting him with "Congratulations Daddy!", all he said was 'Really?'

This wasn’t supposed to happen, not yet anyway, if at all!!! Talking about no.3 is one thing, but actually going through with it is another! I’m soooo not ready! This was not planned at all as you can tell…am freaking out!!!!! It’s gonna take a while to sink in….

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