November 29, 2012

Bye bye bottle

The boy is in India and I was on leave today to spend some time with the kids. We took a bus to Orchard to meet Ma, Gigi and Aunty Susie at Paragon where the girls went nuts at Accessorize and Monsoon, declaring they loved this accessory or that dress.
They made a mess of the shoe department, trying on several pairs before I made them put everything back.
Lunch was at Bakerzin, Nat and Sasha seem to prefer creamy pastas now over tomato ones. And they love mushroom soup, Sasha was nicely dipping her bread in Nat’s bowl and afterwards they couldn’t get enough of the warm chocolate cake.
There was a free performance of jazzy tunes in the atrium and Sasha and Gigi ‘slowdanced’ with each other.
Since Nick is away, I am using the opportunity to wean Nat off the bottle and to sleep through the night. Long overdue I know, and Daddy is the one who always gives in to Nat’s requests so I had to wait till he was out of the house to ‘torture’ her and go cold turkey.

It’s been going surprisingly well, she only asked for milk the first night and when I refused, she whimpered and whined a bit but I persevered and patted her back to sleep.

It’s been 3 nights since and so far she’s not woken up to ask for milk and she’s completely off the bottle, not making a fuss over it and just going along with drinking her milk in her cup, albeit with a straw.
Sasha is also being weaned off the bottle at the same time, the only time she gets it now is if she asks for milk in the middle of the night but I am going to cut those out too, the next time Nick is away for an extended period, most likely in January next year. Am determined to enjoy at least a few months of uninterrupted sleep before no.3 comes along!

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