November 13, 2012

Deepavali 2012

Today was Deepavali and Swana organised a ‘reunion’ dinner at her place last night. The kids dressed Indian but food was Thai, from Jai Thai.

It was chaotic and noisy with so many kids in the house, Aunty Sarda just took it in her stride. Uncle Sagar, Mildred, Uncle Cyril, Ann, Richie, Aunty Diana and Aunty Saro also came by.
Riley, Ananya and Gigi showed off their freshly pierced ears, Nat is now insisting on getting hers done but Nick wants to wait till she’s Pri 1. We’ll see about that! 

The kids played with sparklers and did a round of statue dance to Indian music, plus Gangnam Style.

We had a very quiet holiday, spending the morning at Botanics feeding fish and observing dragonflies followed by lunch at Spaggedies in Orchard Central.

Sasha took to dancing in the street as she heard music blasting through the speakers, she just couldn’t resist it, stripping off her cardigan and dancing with carefree abandon to a couple of songs. She even bowed to an imaginary audience after that!

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