November 26, 2012

Nat pierces her ears

Nat has been asking to pierce her ears for a couple of weeks now, ever since Gigi did hers before Deepavali. To me, pierced ears are a basic necessity for a girl and I didn’t have an issue with her wanting to get them done, but Nick wanted to wait till she was 16!

I wasn’t going to wait another 12 years, so as soon as he left town this week, I brought Nat to the jewellery shops at Tiong Bahru Plaza. The shop that did Gigi’s at $14 was busy and said to come back in an hour but I was too impatient and Nat was already all psyched so we headed to Goldheart instead where they charged $35.

I didn’t mind the price difference if it meant being attended to immediately. The lady who did it was patient and took care with the equipment, which was very ‘kilat’ and they had a nicer range of studs to choose from.

It was over before I even knew it, Nat sat on my lap and I was expecting her to howl in pain but she was pretty calm and because the guns are quick, she didn’t have time to react much. I was incredibly proud that she didn’t cry, I know I did when I got mine done and had to be bribed with a lollipop, I think at Tangs.
Anyway, she’s pleased as punch with her new assets, she picked the blingest pair available! Daddy was relatively calm when I confessed my crime to him after it was all over…phew!

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