November 24, 2012

Reagan turns 2!

Bobo celebrated her 2nd birthday in advance today and there was an Elmo/Cookie Monster theme going on. We went out earlier in the day to pick out a present for her from Toys ‘R’ Us at Suntec, getting Nat, Gigi and Sasha their Christmas presents in the process.

Venue was the East Coast McDonald’s and it was just among the few of us. When we got there, some of the other kids were playing in the sand/water but we just came for the party bit…Sasha hates sand!
The dress code was red/blue so the girls wore matching nautical dresses from Gap in those colours. East Coast beach is nice in the evenings, not so hot or crowded, we should consider evening picnics instead.
Eventually the party moved indoors to the function room and compared to Gigi’s party, service was a lot friendlier here. Food orders were taken promptly and served fast, the kids were entertained with games but Nat chose to sit out on them…so anti-social this one! 
At one point, the Macarena came on the speakers and Kavi and Jeanette demonstrated the steps…the kids loved it, forget Gangnam Style, they’re into the Macarena now! 

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