November 1, 2012

Sasha at 31 months

Sasha just never ceases to amaze me! In spite of her temper, she does have a sense of humour. Over the last month, she’s taken to ‘blessing’ us, by dipping her fingers into the water collected on the bottle drying rack and then making the sign of the cross on each of us, saying ‘In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit’ as she goes along.
She also makes funny faces when I try to take her photo, deliberately crossing her eyes and sticking out her tongue.
She’ll wake me up in the mornings by coming round to my side and saying, “Wake up Mummy, it’s a beautiful day” but more often, she will just slap my bum or tickle me awake. When we part in the mornings, she’ll ask for the ‘butterfly kiss’ which is an eyelash kiss, or we’ll do feet or noses.

She says the darndest things, one night as I was patting her to sleep, she basically told me to get lost, “Mummy, go away. You’re in my space, you cannot understand?” She has vivid dreams, resulting in me getting kicked in the middle of the night, she will say random things like she dreamt of a blue moon, or that “Daddy is handsome” in the middle of the night.

She’s getting really vain, saying she wants her hair to be like Rapunzel and when she releases her hair from a ponytail, she flicks her head like in those shampoo commercials. She loves to twirl and will ask anyone around to see her ‘ballet dancer’ impersonation. She also likes to stuff her dolls up her t-shirt and pretend to be pregnant!
The girls have all taken on Disney princess characters, Nat is Ariel, Gigi is Belle and Sasha is Snow White. She picks up really fast, after watching a short video of Riley and Sarah singing a Chinese song on my phone, she’s memorized the words and movements and performs it at least once a day.
She’s started spelling out words she sees, albeit backwards but I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it in no time.

She’s getting assertive with her dressing, preferring to choose her own outfits these days instead of going with the flow. At night she likes to remove her pyjama pants, and she will complain her back is itchy, but only when she’s really sleepy and I will gently scratch till she falls asleep.
The fall she had in October doesn’t seem to have slowed her down, she’s still super hyper and cannot sit still for a minute!

School will be ending for Nat and Gigi in a couple of weeks, they’ve made good progress since they started at the beginning of the year. Their handwriting has improved, Nat is better than Gigi though, who needs more practice. Nat has started to draw proper pictures i.e. flowers with clouds and butterflies instead of just single objects, and she’s proud of her drawings too…as am I.
Nat managed to go to school twice in Oct without Gigi, but she’s still not fine with it. Every morning now she panics and asks if Gigi is going for the day.
They had their school concert a few weeks ago, really surprised that Nat didn’t suffer from stagefright and in fact loved the limelight so much, she lingered on stage after everyone had left! I think it was because she got to wear make-up!
She hasn’t let up on her bride phase, she’s been requesting for a wedding gown! Her blankets have become veils and she walks around the house in her plastic high heels and any bangle or necklace she can lay her hands on.

Ma bought a sari for Deepavali and Nat has staked her claim on it! She loves to dress up!

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