November 10, 2012

Talented Plants

Swana had signed up some of the older kids for a “Talented Plants’ program at Gardens by the Bay today and I thought since Nat would be with her cousins, it wouldn’t be an issue…but I was wrong.
My anti-social daughter clammed up and refused to release Nick’s hand and participate in the registration and her daddy also didn’t help to encourage her, so at the last minute, I substituted Nat with Sasha and tagged along, since the pumpkin would be too young to understand the tour.
Had to buy my own admission and escorted Sarah, Riley, Gigi, Ananya and Sasha along with a couple of other kids and the staff from GBT as they did a short walkabout around the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest conservatories.

They pointed out some useful plants including a 1,000 year old olive tree and after the tour, we went back to the education room where the kids made their own bottle trees out of plastic bottles and newspaper.
Sasha helped tape hers, while I did most of the winding.

Lunch was at the food court, we ate the Hill Street outlet. Had a prawn mee that I’m sure tasted good, but I couldn’t really tell because of my cold!
Before we left, we managed get a spare admission ticket for Nat since Sasha didn’t need one and I quickly brought her in to see the waterfall in the Cloud Forest. It was literally pose for pictures, walk 50m inside and u-turn out again in the space of 5mins.

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