November 10, 2012

U is for...

...Upper Thomson.
The plan was to eat ice cream at Udders last night since I was slightly better from my flu of the last few days, but the boy was in the mood for prata so I suggested Upper Thomson since they could both be found along that stretch.

However, I did not check where exactly the Udders was except that it was next to a Prata Place and directed the boy to the stretch near the Ampang Yong Tau Fu remembering there was a Prata Place there.
But there was no Udders in sight and I didn’t bother to check the location again, so we just settled for some prata and mutton soup at Prata Place. The prata was really crispy and not oily and the soup hit the spot on a cold, rainy day. 

He thought the Udders might be next to the Casuarina Curry further down the road and we swung by after our supper but nope, it wasn’t there either…it’s much further down nearer Sin Ming and I should have known better, because Mildred had mentioned an outlet there several months ago.

Was on MC earlier in the week as I battled the flu, and it coincided with the US Presidential Election Results. Yay, Obama has been re-elected. And Aunty Sarda has been discharged from hospital too, after some anti-biotic treatment.

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