November 3, 2012

Uncle Gavin

Nick’s boss Gavin is in town after their 2013 launch and he only departs later tonight, so we spent half the day with him and introduced him to the kids and Ma.

Picked him up at Movenpick and had told the girls not to be afraid beforehand. Nat took a while to warm up, but Sasha was like ‘Uncle Gavin, look at that’, “Uncle Gavin, look at this’ the moment he got into the car!

We went to Vivo for a spot of shopping and lunch. Gavin has a habit of buying toys for his dogs when he travels and we brought him to the pet store. He wanted to buy the girls a pet, like a rabbit or something but I firmly declined!

Lunch was at No Signboard, I went a bit overboard losing track of what I ordered. The kids behaved well enough and he showed them pictures of his dogs, but most of the time they were preoccupied with the fish tanks.
I mentioned that it was our 10th anniversary next year and we were contemplating a trip, he ruled us out from going on a UniWorld cruise, we can only take Trafalgar! He was keying in a note to himself as I was talking, so I’m not sure what he has up his sleeve but he said to leave it with him…but I told him I didn’t like surprises!

After lunch, he insisted on getting some toys for the girls so we went to Toys R Us and they each picked out something. Nat chose a pop star/princess Barbie that she had seen the cartoon the day before, and Sasha a baby Dora sleeping/talking toy plus doll stroller. How kind of him, I made sure the girls thanked him.

The kids fell asleep just as we dropped him back at the hotel, and Nat skipped Chinese class. Once back home, I baked some apple cinnamon muffins to use up the apples I had. I think my streusel topping was too soft, but overall they were quite yummy.
Nick had dinner in the evening with Gavin and Robin, and I stayed home with the kids nursing the beginning of a cold. Ma then called to say Aunty Sarda was not well and on the verge of passing out, and Swana was out.

Good thing Kavi and Aunty Gowrie had been hanging out at Membina and helped to arrange ambulance etc. Think she’s picked up an infection.

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