November 11, 2012

V is for...

...The Vault.
Bernard turned 40 today and Rachel organised a surprise party at The Vault for him last night. She booked a space in the private room, and we were among the early arrivals.
Lots of young, beautiful people around, The Vault is one of the ‘in’ places at the moment I guess. It’s got a New York skyloft industrial building vibe but I just felt old, surrounded by all the hip, young things!

Rachel and Bernard came not long after and he wasn’t very surprised by the shindig, because he said her phone had been going off the hook all evening! Monica, Gerard, Yvonne, Melissa and Derong were also present and I could get some last minute tips from Mel about Taipei.

Nick ordered some sides to share, we had truffle fries and mini wagyu burgers, which were so mini, they could have been Big Macs for a Barbie doll! LOL.
Cake was a Homer Simpson air-guitar confection, flavour was lychee, quite moist and the icing was not too thick.We didn’t stay too late, leaving just past 1am…some of us have kids to attend to bright and early!

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