December 27, 2012

Annual exchange

And we’ve come to the end of the first trimester, fast eh? Visited Dr Siow this morning and the kids got to see their little baby bro/sis on the ultrasound. Baby Lim #3 seems to be growing well, right on track and measures about 6cm. I predict a girl!
After the visit, we headed to town. I had a lunch appointment with JGR and Nick brought the kids to Tangs to eat. Met the ladies at Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery for our annual Christmas gift exchange, but before that I managed to sneak to Dorothy Perkins and buy a top!
They all ordered a chicken and mushroom crepe while I was the odd one out with a crab pasta. I think I would have been better off with the crepe! We shared 2 cakes, a gula melaka coconut tart and a strawberry shortcake for dessert.
As Rena and I were both not working, we jalan-ed for a little while after lunch, popping in to Mulberry and H&M, resulting in me incurring Nick’s wrath because I opted to stay on in town to window shop. Whatever!

I only got home about an hour after him, and then disaster struck! Wendy had been trying to wipe a leak on our common toilet false wall and in a moment of folly, stepped onto the suspended cabinet below our sink.

It broke from the wall and crashed with a thud…luckily she wasn’t hurt but I was a little displeased because for one, my nice blue tile was ruined and really, she ought to have known better that the cabinet can’t take her weight! It’s currently being supported by a stool until we can get a new sink in. 
Ooh, there was a nice big full moon tonight and I got another moon shot in!

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