December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! Just like last year, we had a very quiet Christmas day. The kids were allowed to open their presents, Nat was thrilled to finally be able to wear her mini wedding dress while Sasha didn’t seem so impressed with her scooter!
No matching outfits for them, Nat wore a Gap dress with a sparkly tulle skirt and Sasha a little Ted Baker dress I bought in London.
Spent the morning preparing a pot of chicken curry to bring over to Ben’s house, he hosted a pot luck for us and Wendy’s family. It’s been ages since I saw Emmanuel and Francesca, Wendy’s nephew and niece…they are all grown up.
I couldn’t really taste the curry as I was preparing it, my tastebuds are still wonky but it seemed to go down well with Wendy’s mum and brother, there was hardly any leftover. The tiramisu did well too!
The kids jumped on Ben’s bed, they liken his house to a hotel because he has a king-sized bed and TV in the room.
In the evening, we headed out to Toh Yi to have dinner at the Gomezs. Anne’s fiancĂ© Richie was there and looks like their wedding plans are falling into place nicely. Can’t wait for October!
They bought really nice presents for the kids, a tiara and wand for Sasha and a Paintastics kit for Nat who enjoys her art and craft.

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