December 20, 2012

Desmond's new digs

Woo hoo, my leave has started and I don’t have to go back to work till 3 Jan.

Met some of the SingTel folks this evening, I think it’s been about a year since I saw some of them.
Hong Wei, Desmond, Michael, Crispian and I had dinner at Fatboys Thomson (note to self: don’t order the fish and chips in future), where the hot topic was the sex scandals that dominated Singapore news this year.

Hong Wei left for a conference call and the rest of us went to Desmond’s new digs in Soo Chow Gardens, where Richard popped in.

The house is nicely done, I think I insulted Desmond when I said it had a Scandinavian feel, when he was going for the Hamptons look! Ha ha.
Chen Tze and the kids came home after a while and Tristan and Cameron entertained with their antics playing on the carpet.

Over the past week, there’s not been much going on. A couple of days ago, I saw some of the Singapore Lions having lunch at Amara and secretly wished them luck for yesterday’s game which they won.
On Sunday, after mass, we went to Raffles City and had lunch at Coffee Club before catching the live jazz performance of classic Christmas songs, that Nick/Trafalgar had sponsored. Sasha got carried away with the music and started twirling around, attracting amused smiles from onlookers.
On Saturday, we just chilled at home. Nick had time to paint a model plane I bought him in London, and Nat and I spotted a funnel cloud forming, then disappearing. Cool!

On Thursday the 13th, I was peckish at suppertime and I wanted carrot cake from Serangoon Gardens but there was a jam on the CTE so we diverted to Newton and ordered from a stall I’ve not tried before but he seemed to have several awards and it turned out to be pretty good. 

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