December 23, 2012

Dinner at Parco

Wendy was off today and we decided to eat dinner nearby at Parco Café. They’ve changed their menu again, and now lunch and dinner is the same food and same price. The kids shared a pizza with Nick, while I had a crayfish laksa…pricey at $28. Taste was ok, but not lemak enough.
A little girl named Alexis who was dining with her parents came over to make friends with Nat and Sasha and in no time at all they were running around outside the restaurant.

Sasha wanted to see Alexis’ little brother inside the restaurant so I brought her in to meet the baby, whom we found out was named Bryan. Chatted a little to the parents, they live in Kim Tian but the mum’s mum lives in Spottiswoode hence they are in the neighbourhood a lot.

Service is still good at Parco though, Balan was still around and he and Nick chatted like old friends. After dinner, we took a drive to the Merlion and I had me some ice chocolate blended from Coffee Bean which the girls tried and couldn’t get enough of.

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