December 2, 2012

Jersey Boys

Caught the Broadway musical Jersey Boys at MBS earlier this evening or rather yesterday evening and it was good! 
We went in a large group with Jeanette, Kaelash, Swana, Sham, John, Nick and me. Swana’s colleague Kavitah was super late and missed half the show due to a jam at Orchard. MBS was also crowded today because of the whole Gangnam Style phenomenon…Korean popstar Psy was performing a free showcase.

The show started out a little slow but towards the end of the first half it picked up and all the familiar songs came on and it was almost like watching a concert.

There were some sad moments which made me tear but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and was singing along to ‘Sherry’, “Big Girls Don’t Cry’, ‘Walk Like A Man’ and ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’.
Anyone who loves oldies should go catch it, there were a number of empty seats despite being a Saturday night so I think the ticket prices may be a deterrent or the younger generation aren’t familiar with their music. Am gonna send the mums there, they would so love it.

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