December 22, 2012

Lights! Camera! Action!

The moon has been pretty close and bright of late, and I finally checked instructions on what’s the best way to photograph it and avoid getting a big white blob. Love it!
Kavi was having auditions for the second season of Zoom Zim Zam and we all brought along our bubbas for their close ups.

The auditions were being held at her office and there was a crowd of parents and kids waiting outside. After putting down our names, we sat at the little coffeeshop opposite and waited for the rest to come, foregoing our turn when the girls’ names were called because we didn’t hear it.
We ate and fed the kids and waited till all the outsiders had left before we sent the kids in with Kavi to be interviewed and filmed.
Sasha was first, she was not shy at all. When asked her name on camera, she answered ‘Snow White’! She sang a little, made some phonic sounds and she and Gigi even did Gangnam Style!
Nat was reluctant to audition at first, but when she saw how easy it was and what she had to do, she went up for her turn too and was very sweet and shy but she looked good on camera.
We didn’t stay till the everyone had their turn, leaving first for the kids to nap. 

In the evening, we all met again at Kaelash’s place for an early Xmas gathering for the kids and I handed out most of everyone’s pressies.

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