December 9, 2012

Toilet fiasco

Made some chocolate chip and pecan cookies yesterday after preparing the batter the day before but because I cut down on the sugar, I think it affected the consistency as the cookies didn’t spread on the tray and retained their scoop shape…or maybe it was just too cold!
We went to Membina for lunch and dinner was at Amah’s house. Daniel is in town and came over for dinner, along with his friend. When he said he was bringing a friend, I thought it was a new girlfriend, turns out it was Amy, his ex-girlfriend whom we met a few years ago and now they are back together.

There was a pasar malam downstairs and Nick got conned out of I think $46 on games for the kids, where they try and win cheapo toys. Sucker!
I was bloody freaking pissed during lunch today, and I don't get pissed easily. We were at Vivo and ended up at the White Dog Café. Midway through, Nat said she needed to pee so Wendy brought her out.

Then Sasha said she needed to go, so I took her in search of the nearest loo only to bump into Wendy and Nat who said they had encountered 2 closed ones already. So we went up to level 3 and crossed over to Marche only for the loo next to it to be closed too. Then we went down another escalator to Toys R Us, and the loo next to it was closed also, and so was the one below it. So that was at least 5 different toilets closed in the same vicinity, leading me and my 2 toddlers with full bladders on a wild goose chase over 3 floors.

By the time we found a working one all the way at the Bakerzin, and headed back to continue our lunch, a good 20 mins had passed and our food was cold. Aaaarrrrhggggh.

This evening after dinner, we took the kids to MBS for a walkabout to see some Xmas trees along the waterfront and we walked all the way to the other end to the Art Science Museum, where Nick left us to get the car while we continued on the Helix Bridge then to the Float.
Finally I see the logo I helped create while at SSC! They sure took their time to announce the official name and put up the logo!

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