December 7, 2012

W is for...

...Wanton Mee.
We had an appointment with the good doctor today and after confirming everything is on track, we dropped the kids at Membina and continued on to Katong to do W.

Eng’s Wanton Mee has been on my list of places to try since Adrienne has been raving about them, and they won the hawker masters for wanton mee. They used to be located within a hawker centre but have since moved out to a standalone shop.

I had high hopes for the noodles but it was anti-climatic. Maybe now’s not a good time to be trying them with me being queasy occasionally and being off meats like pork and chicken but truly I was not impressed…I prefer finer noodles and more sauce, I found the dish to be dry and wantons so-so.
Even with the addition of ketchup, it didn’t perk up for me. I think the Hong Kong style wanton mee near my office is much tastier and sometime ago I tried really good noodles opposite the OG at Rochor, so I don’t think I’ll be back at Eng’s anytime soon.
We took a walk around the neighbouring shops and stopped for ice cream at Ice Cream Gallery before heading to the maid employment agency to start the search for Wendy’s replacement. She’s indicated she has an offer from Canada and plans to move there in a few months once her visa is approved.

There was grand fireworks tonight, for the official opening of RWS on Sentosa. Yesterday there was a spectacular display as well, for Vivo’s anniversary. I love my balcony!
Oh, and then we found this bottle of water that had frozen in our fridge…am curious how it managed to not spill its contents, after all it was the fridge and not freezer. 

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