December 4, 2012

Welcome back Vig!

Vig’s in town and we managed to meet up for a late supper last night together with Puni and Chris. She came over to the house first to meet the kiddos, the girls were shy at first but warmed up soon enough. Nat went to bed first so Sasha chatted with Vig for a bit, and then I sprang my news on her and she was so excited.
She drove us to town to meet Puni and Chris at Coffee Club at Wheelock and I let the other two in on the news and their eyes grew as large as golf balls, LOL! Ha ha.
Vig’s gone totally vegan, so it was hard for her to order something from the menu, even diary is out so that rules out creamy soups, ice cream, things with cheese. It has to be soy-based…I don’t think I could survive!

Midway through supper, Swana messaged to say Kate Middleton was also preggers, so looks like we’ll have kids the same age!

It was lovely to see everyone, I had work the next day and couldn’t keep my eyes open for long, so I left earlier and they continued part 2 somewhere else.

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