January 17, 2013

16 Day Prayers

Met the SSC folks for dinner at No Signboard, Vivo for a quick dinner this evening, Nick is sick so I couldn’t stay very long but I caught a lovely sunset before I reached the restaurant. Also bought shoes before dinner because mine broke during lunch today, right after I parted ways with Joanne at Bugis.
Besides me, there was Jenny, Su, Parames, Michelle and Roger. Food was good, we shared 2 crabs…mmm the white pepper is yummy. It was good catching up, albeit briefly!

Yesterday, we went to the Kallang temple for Aunty Sarda’s 16th day prayers. The funeral guy was supposed to perform the rituals with the priest, but he got held up and Pops had to stand in.

Quite a number of friends and relatives showed up and we ran out of food, because Kavi undercatered, lol….Aunty Sarda would have been fretting.

The boy is off to London tomorrow to watch an EPL match in the name of work...box seats at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea vs Arsenal. Am so jealous!

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