January 26, 2013

Girl? Or Boy?

Had a gynae appointment today, and this time we made it early to Botanics so we could save on parking and walk around a bit. Fed some fish and saw the swans, we even spotted a monitor lizard and a cicada. 
Was hoping to find out the sex of junior and we thought we saw something between the legs but Dr Siow didn’t quite commit. All he said was that it looked like a boy but he didn’t confirm it 100% and said to wait for the detailed scan.

So far everything seems normal, I’ve put on too much weight…gotta stop the bingeing! Considering the bub is probably the size of my palm and weighs no more than a couple of hundred grams, I’ve put on over 5kg and my stomach looks like my 7 months size when I’m only 4.5 months along.

Appetite has returned to normal, am still off meats like chicken and pork, and rice in the evenings but other than that, am not feeling any adverse side effects…touchwood.

I would be really surprised if it turns out to be a boy because I expected the nose to swell and to feel different but it’s been pretty much the same as the other two pregnancies. I guess I’m just lucky!

Had lunch at Tanglin Mall, and picked up some pictures to hang in the kids’ room. After lunch, Nick dropped me and Nat at Membina where we hooked up with Swana, Gigi and Ann for an afternoon of gown shopping.

Ann had found a place in Serangoon Shopping Centre which makes made-to-measure gowns at reasonable prices and we all couldn’t wait to check them out. The gowns were lovely, a lot of them featured lace…my favourite! Felt like getting married all over again and if it weren’t for the baby bump, I would have tried on some dresses myself!
I managed one shot before the owner politely informed us no pictures were allowed. Ann tried several styles and she looked great in all of them but didn’t place any orders, needing more time to think. We’ll just have to wait and see what she decides on come October!

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