January 5, 2013

Happy belated birthday, Mums!

Took the mums out to Ellenborough Market Café for their belated birthday lunch. Ben and Wendy could not join so it was just us, the Gomezs and the parents, plus Mildred of course.
The spread was very local, very wide but didn’t quite appeal to me except for the desserts…ate a big bowl of durian pengat!
Tastebuds are still out of whack so am still very picky about what I eat. Not that I could eat in peace because the kids kept wanting to play with the toilets and Wendy was not around!

While distracting the kids with a walk along the Singapore River, they spotted a giant frog in the water…biggest frog I’ve ever seen! Must have escaped from a dinner table somewhere!

Mildred followed us home after lunch and in the evening we went to visit Amah at her nursing home in Serangoon Gardens before dinner at Ben’s. Quite depressing, I don’t think she’s enjoying her stay there very much.

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