January 4, 2013

Mini photoshoot

The elder girls had a mini photoshoot at Membina today, thanks to papa’s tenant’s friend Salamat. He’s a professional photographer and Pops had put him up at 110 for a few days while he visited the tenant so as a gesture of appreciation he offered to take some photos of the grandkids.

Pops also had an ulterior motive to set him up with a single friend but she was not available, lol.

Anyway, they came over the Membina in the evening and it took a while to persuade Nat and Gigi to loosen up for the camera. Sasha missed out because Nick brought her to the doctor to check on her cough.  

But Gigi and Nat were cam-whoring in no time and I can’t wait to see the finished results.
After Pops and Salamat left, and Nick came back with Sasha, we had a little belated cake-cutting for Ma. Of course, she didn’t get to blow out her own candles with the ‘vultures’ waiting! 
And my poor Sasha has bronchitis apparently and doctor recommended a nebulizer for a few days. She’s a trooper, thinks it’s fun! 

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