January 3, 2013

Send off at sea

Woke up really early for Aunty Sarda’s final send off at sea. There was some miscommunication and we thought we were heading straight to Changi but we (Swana, me, Papa, Aunty Susie and Aunty Saro) ended up going to Mandai first to collect the ashes.

We were first in line to use the Hindu/Sikh room, I didn’t know there was a whole ritual involved. It was very interesting to see the bone and ash remnants on the slab that went into the cremation chamber, there was more bone fragments than I anticipated.

The funeral guy performed more rites, and made several offerings of rice balls with black sesame, fruits, incense and flowers before arranging everything nicely on banana leaves and then eventually into a claypot.
Then it was back onto the minivan for Changi Ferry terminal and we got onto a small boat that didn’t go out very far. It was over before I knew it, the funeral guy dropped the whole cloth-wrapped claypot into the sea, I thought we would actually be pouring the contents into the water. And that was that.
Reached Membina just in time to see the bubs waiting for their school bus. Today is the first day since they skipped yesterday and I had to hide behind a pillar so Nat wouldn’t see me, she was crying and screaming her head off…so poor thing.

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