January 12, 2013

Szechuan Court lunch

Mildred is staying with us for a while as she recuperates from her knee op and we brought the mums out to Swissotel for lunch, trying Szechuan Court for the first time. This Feed @ Raffles card is just making us spend more!

Had a dim sum buffet, but we’re all not big eaters that I think a la carte might have been better. Still the spread was wide and varied and we enjoyed 20% off.
Gigi came over in the afternoon and I made ‘Abby’ cupcakes with the girls, using a box mix for the base and adding pink, purple and blue. Tasted very processed though, next time will make from scratch, still trying to find a good white cake recipe.
Ben came over to visit mum Ivy and the girls cornered him into reading them a bedtime story. The story I chose was ‘Don’t Bother Ben’ but he sneakily skipped the repetitive bits!

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