February 25, 2013

Be our guest

Hosted some of Nick’s colleagues for an impromptu dinner this evening, call it their very own ‘Be My Guest’ experience!

He had a travel director named Brandon in town to help with NATAS and to thank the team they were supposed to go out for dinner but he decided to invite them over and tapau food because he felt guilty about not seeing the girls all weekend and for the next few days too.

There was Brandon, Choy and Daniel and they kept the kids entertained. Food was from Sin Hoi Sai and we had 3 types of crabs – salted egg yolk, chilli and black pepper…yum. They proceeded to Alexandra for drinks while I stayed to put the girls to sleep.
Yesterday we had another feast as Aunty Lee Eng ushered in her 55th birthday at Yan Palace. Nya Nya booked a private karaoke room and Gigi surprised us all by singing Katy Perry’s Firework, too cute! 

February 23, 2013

Hard Rock staycation

Thanks to Baba, we got a brief staycation at the Hard Rock Hotel this weekend. He had a 2 night stay so between me and Swana we took one night each.

We met for dinner at Din Tai Fung and then he helped us to check in. Nick had NATAS so he was unable to join us but me and Ma stayed over with the girls last night.
We had a simple breakfast of Breadtalk buns which I brought along and after breakfast, Swana, Gigi and Kevin joined us for a swim. The pool was nice and empty but the water was a little cold.

My girls stayed in their floats and didn’t want to try the slide at the kids pool. Nat did it once only, with me but couldn’t be persuaded to go again because she felt the floor leading up to the stairs was too dirty for her bare feet…so kuniang!

Sasha slipped at one point, dunking her face in the baby pool though she had a float on, but that traumatized her and she didn’t really want to get wet after that. Such unadventurous girls I have!!!

After showering we had lunch at the Hard Rock CafĂ©, and celebrated Lita’s birthday at the same time. The crew presented her with a sundae and sang her a song and she was so embarrassed because all eyes in the restaurant were on her.
The girls all napped in the afternoon, so did all the adults except me and I was treated to a chorus of snores!
For dinner, we headed to Melissa and Derong’s new house in Punggol. Nicely done and there was a steamboat dinner prepared for us. 
Nat was too shy to play with the other children and clung to me all evening probably because she had been reprimanded on the way over. She said some bad words unknowingly in the car ride over which shocked us all.

In essence, she just went, “Mummy, mummy, cheelaka bitch” thinking it was some new cool words but she didn’t expect my stern reaction. I ddin’t scold her but wanted to find out where she learnt the words from and unsurprisingly she heard it from Mama Kim! Tsk tsk.  

Poor Sasha puked on Aunty Geraldine just as we reached home. Milk and long car rides just don’t mix for her!

February 20, 2013

Happy belated birthday Jane!

Met JGR for Jane’s birthday lunch today at Prego and it was a good catch up session. We used my FAR card so there was a saving of 25% off the menu, including their sets.

Shared a calamari, 2 soups, pizza, pasta and fish main and even then we struggled to finish. The calamari was a generous portion, at $26 it better be!
The pizza, pasta and fish were on the average side, nothing to rave about but nothing to complain either.

Dessert was a fruity mousse with chocolate sponge but we were all too full to appreciate it!

Last night we held a small farewell party and lo hei at Membina for Wendy. She departs on Thursday after working for us for 3 years. She initially had an offer from Canada but it seems to have fallen through so in the meantime she’s heading back since we’ve already found a replacement but I daresay she’ll be back within a couple of months.
Bought food from Tiong Bahru market including tom yam soup which she said she would miss.

This evening I gave her a small angpow and parting gift of SK Jewellery gold chain and pendant. Nat was super clingy as she knows about the impending departure but Sasha doesn’t seem too bothered.
I hope the kids don’t have withdrawal symptoms for long and adjust to Geraldine soon. She’s been here almost two weeks, during the handover I noticed the senior one bossing her around and deliberately try to make her look incompetent but I’m not stupid!

I’m glad to start fresh, while Wendy was a big help, she did get complacent, bossy and defiant. I wish her luck in whatever comes her way, I don’t think she appreciated how well she was treated.

She made some recent comments on FB in Tagalog which were not complimentary to us, something along the lines of us not showing any gratitude after 3 years and being made to do extra work despite the fact that she was leaving but the first part was premature because it was before her farewell and the second part is just not true because we didn’t assign anything extra and in any case she had Geraldine on board to share the load. Harumpff!

February 18, 2013

Dinner with the Uncles

I might have to rethink using the name Sanjay for Jr, for Papa’s tenants have beat us to it. Sunshine and Ajay welcomed their little boy on Valentine’s Day and they chose Sanjay because it combines both their names.
We visited today, he’s a pie, the girls think he’s like a little doll and it gives them an idea of what to expect once their brother comes along.

The office also had a lo hei session today, we’re going to start renovations next month so that we can combine the people at Springleaf and SGX under one roof. 
Last night, we met his uncles Barry and Gilbert for dinner at Orchard Hotel. But before that, we were in Jurong to visit Aunty Susan and Uncle Henry at their house, we’d all never been!
The spread was quite varied but I was disappointed they didn’t have their fried bee hoon with pigs trotters. I remember it was there last time and the wok hei fragrance was very strong.

The kids had a ball with the dessert section, no holds barred and they helped themselves to the ice cream, and gummies and cakes. Wendy also bought them macaroons…total sugar high!

February 16, 2013

It's a ...

Guess what? We’re definitely having a boy!
Went for the detailed scan this morning at Radlink clinic in Paragon and after the ultrasound technician scanned my stomach for almost an hour checking every last detail of Jr, she confirmed the sex of the baby. Now I can start shopping, although boys clothes just don’t hold any appeal!

Picked up the kids to have lunch and they weren’t too pleased about having a brother, I think Gigi and Nat were having a sort of competition to see who would get a girl!

Nick had to work in the evening and we had a temple wedding to attend. I think it’s one of the simplest ceremonies I’ve been too, as the couple opted not to do the full works.

The bride Vimita is my 3rd cousin (our grandmas were 1st cousins), if she looks familiar to you, that’s because she’s a journalist on CNA and the groom is from MediaCorp too, a fellow journalist with TODAY, named Derrick. 

Nat loved the colours of the wedding, she’s like me…Indian weddings are always such colourful affairs. Sasha covered her ears half the time, afraid of the trumpet and drums. I need to get them proper Indian outfits for such occasions, they wore Indian-inspired dresses from Monsoon.

February 12, 2013

CNY 2013

So long Dragon, hello Snake!
Once again we had a relatively quiet CNY with visits spread out over the first 3 days.

It wasn’t really planned but our Day 1 outfits were quite coordinated with shades of coral. Nick only bought his polo tee at the last minute, the girls have had their dresses for a while and I had limited maternity options but decided on a Mango dress I bought months ago because it fit and I realised it matched the kids.
Made the girls offer their father oranges in exchange for their angpows first before we rushed for mass at AMK where we were meeting Mildred.

From there, we headed to Tampines to Uncle Philip’s house as he had brought Amah out from the nursing home for a half a day so that the rest of the Tan family could pay their respects to her.
Swana and co, and Kavi and Ananya were at our house when we returned and we spent the rest of the evening chillaxing at home.

On Day 2 of CNY, Mildred came over bright and early to hand over her angpows to her granddaughters, she didn’t want to do it in her brother’s house and we were supposed to visit her house but plans got canned when some of her other guests couldn’t make it.

In the evening, we dressed the girls in kebayas and made our way to Aunty Darrell’s house for dinner, where she had ordered biryani. There was the customary lo hei which the girls enjoyed and they only ate the crackers.
The aunts were fussing over the girls in their kebayas and the girls had their chance to pay their respects to Ben and Wendy and receive their angpows.
I accidentally left my phone at Aunty Darrell’s house but because she left home for a movie right after we left, I wasn’t able to collect it till the next day.

After the kids slept, Nick and I headed to Kim Tian to meet Swana, Kevin, John, Jeanette and Kaelash for some drinks at Coq & Bull.

Today is Day 3 and we headed to Sunny Spring for lunch with Nya Nya and co. He tapaued an assortment of food including my craving of Indian rojak….mmm.
Uncle Thomas popped by and the girls just love having him around, of course it helped that he came bearing sweets!
My 2 nonyas swopped outfits from the day before and were joined by Gigi in her blue kebaya. We called them Sasha-neo. Gigi-neo and Natalie-neo!