February 12, 2013

CNY 2013

So long Dragon, hello Snake!
Once again we had a relatively quiet CNY with visits spread out over the first 3 days.

It wasn’t really planned but our Day 1 outfits were quite coordinated with shades of coral. Nick only bought his polo tee at the last minute, the girls have had their dresses for a while and I had limited maternity options but decided on a Mango dress I bought months ago because it fit and I realised it matched the kids.
Made the girls offer their father oranges in exchange for their angpows first before we rushed for mass at AMK where we were meeting Mildred.

From there, we headed to Tampines to Uncle Philip’s house as he had brought Amah out from the nursing home for a half a day so that the rest of the Tan family could pay their respects to her.
Swana and co, and Kavi and Ananya were at our house when we returned and we spent the rest of the evening chillaxing at home.

On Day 2 of CNY, Mildred came over bright and early to hand over her angpows to her granddaughters, she didn’t want to do it in her brother’s house and we were supposed to visit her house but plans got canned when some of her other guests couldn’t make it.

In the evening, we dressed the girls in kebayas and made our way to Aunty Darrell’s house for dinner, where she had ordered biryani. There was the customary lo hei which the girls enjoyed and they only ate the crackers.
The aunts were fussing over the girls in their kebayas and the girls had their chance to pay their respects to Ben and Wendy and receive their angpows.
I accidentally left my phone at Aunty Darrell’s house but because she left home for a movie right after we left, I wasn’t able to collect it till the next day.

After the kids slept, Nick and I headed to Kim Tian to meet Swana, Kevin, John, Jeanette and Kaelash for some drinks at Coq & Bull.

Today is Day 3 and we headed to Sunny Spring for lunch with Nya Nya and co. He tapaued an assortment of food including my craving of Indian rojak….mmm.
Uncle Thomas popped by and the girls just love having him around, of course it helped that he came bearing sweets!
My 2 nonyas swopped outfits from the day before and were joined by Gigi in her blue kebaya. We called them Sasha-neo. Gigi-neo and Natalie-neo!


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