February 2, 2013

Double A Birthdays

Attended 2 birthday parties today, Aidan’s 1st which was combined with Jane and Albert’s housewarming, plus Ananya’s 4th which was held at Amazonia.

Jane and co have moved to a new condo in Potong Pasir and to celebrate their new home, they held the housewarming together with Aidan’s birthday, which was celebrated well ahead of the actual date 14th, because of the upcoming CNY.

We were among the first to arrive at the function room by the pool which looked really inviting….must bring the kids swimming one day! Rena and Germaine couldn’t come so am sure we’ll come visit again when they are free. 
After lunch we took a quick peek at the new apartment, there are 4 bedrooms but Jane is already complaining about the lack of space. Pity the window seats take up so much space! I hear a lot of condos have them.
Aidan has such chubby cheeks, just want to pinch them! Don’t think he really knew what was going on, LOL. He had a cute naked baby birthday cake though!
Napped the afternoon away and then it was off to Great World for Ananya’s party. Kavi spent a bomb on her cake! Some local cake designer apparently. Ananya had a Shakespearean look going on, with ruffled collar, ha ha.

The kids had fun running around, as usual my koala bear stuck to me, especially during mealtime. Tomorrow is her party, I think I will stop celebrating once they hit primary school, getting too old for this! 

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