February 20, 2013

Happy belated birthday Jane!

Met JGR for Jane’s birthday lunch today at Prego and it was a good catch up session. We used my FAR card so there was a saving of 25% off the menu, including their sets.

Shared a calamari, 2 soups, pizza, pasta and fish main and even then we struggled to finish. The calamari was a generous portion, at $26 it better be!
The pizza, pasta and fish were on the average side, nothing to rave about but nothing to complain either.

Dessert was a fruity mousse with chocolate sponge but we were all too full to appreciate it!

Last night we held a small farewell party and lo hei at Membina for Wendy. She departs on Thursday after working for us for 3 years. She initially had an offer from Canada but it seems to have fallen through so in the meantime she’s heading back since we’ve already found a replacement but I daresay she’ll be back within a couple of months.
Bought food from Tiong Bahru market including tom yam soup which she said she would miss.

This evening I gave her a small angpow and parting gift of SK Jewellery gold chain and pendant. Nat was super clingy as she knows about the impending departure but Sasha doesn’t seem too bothered.
I hope the kids don’t have withdrawal symptoms for long and adjust to Geraldine soon. She’s been here almost two weeks, during the handover I noticed the senior one bossing her around and deliberately try to make her look incompetent but I’m not stupid!

I’m glad to start fresh, while Wendy was a big help, she did get complacent, bossy and defiant. I wish her luck in whatever comes her way, I don’t think she appreciated how well she was treated.

She made some recent comments on FB in Tagalog which were not complimentary to us, something along the lines of us not showing any gratitude after 3 years and being made to do extra work despite the fact that she was leaving but the first part was premature because it was before her farewell and the second part is just not true because we didn’t assign anything extra and in any case she had Geraldine on board to share the load. Harumpff!

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